Having perfect, smooth skin can be a chore for many individuals. But does it have to be?

At Aurora Natural Medicine,  our naturophathic staff offer a convenient and effective alternative to home skin products by offering Dermal Infusion. We specializes in the SilkPeel ® Dermalinfusion treatment to provide outstanding, skin rejuvenating results.


Dermal Infusion is a revolutionary method that exfoliates the epidermal layer of the skin and extracts unwanted bacteria from pores. The entire process is non-invasive and delivers the same or better results than more invasive procedures.


By exfoliating the top layer of the skin and infusing it with important skin-nurturing vitamins, your skin will feel fresh and new, and look great as well.


For patients who are not ready to get a more invasive procedure or use a laser to smooth out skin, Dermal Infusion is the perfect alternative. It can deliver the same results, with no recovery time or harmful side effects.

Dermal Infusion is one of several facial options that we offer at our Med Spa clinic.​ Save time searching online and schedule a consultation with our Aesthetician, Lydia Kwan, to find the right treatment for your specific needs. Since everyone's skin and needs may be different, it is important to talk with a Lydia about which option may be best for you

Advantages of Dermal Infusion treatment:

  • Dermal Infusion gets rid of harmful, unwanted bacteria by effectively cleansing the skin

  • Dermal Infusion provides healthy-looking skin by reducing enlarged blood vessels and restoring the skin's moisture and natural oils

  • Dermal Infusion is a gentle treatment method, with no recovery or downtime, all while providing visible results immediately after the treatment

  • Dermal Infusion provides exfoliation and hydration, as well as infusing your skin with helpful serums and nutrients

There are no damaging chemicals involved with the Dermal Infusion procedure, making side effects or adverse reactions very rare. One of the top advantages of this skin treatment is that it works for many different types of skin, and can be modified depending on your skin's needs.

As with every procedure though, it is good to know details and ask any clarifying questions that you may have. Call Aurora Natural Medicine today to schedule a consultation or appointment with one of our experienced clinicians in Gilbert, AZ.

We welcome patients of all ages, with all skin types, and we can work with you to find the best skincare solution for you.  

We hope that our team of knowledgeable Med Spa specialists can help you with all of your skincare needs soon!

Top Questions About Dermal Infusion

Are there side effects from the Dermalinfusion treatment?

Skin may appear temporarily flushed or red immediately following the procedure. 

How often do I need to get Dermalinfusion treatments?

If you are targeting a specific skin condition, it is recommended that you come in every two weeks for your 4-6 treatments. If you are simply coming in for maintenance or an event, then you can schedule as needed.

How many Dermalinfusion treatments are required to see results?

A series of 4-6 Dermalinfusion treatments is recommended for best results.

What is the difference between Dermalinfusion and Microdermabrasion?

While both Dermalinfusion and Microdermabrasion remove a portion of the upper layer of the skin, the Dermalinfusion treatment is a much more controlled and consistent process. That is because, rather than blasting particles at the skin (as with older microdermabrasion devices), or pushing an abrasive tip across the skin by hand, Dermalinfusion uses the controlled vacuum pressure to pull the skin up into a chamber in the hand piece, where it is evenly abraded just as aggressively or as softly as the vacuum pressure is set by the skincare professional.