Improve Your Immune System

Stay healthy and strong for you and your family

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Concerned about your immune system health? Interested in taking a proactive approach to keeping healthy and strong for your family? Then, keep reading!

How our Immune System Program Works

Because it's customizable, you can decide after each step if you want to continue. Start with the initial consultation and we can decide next steps together.


Here are your options: 

  1. Consult with Dr. Roodvoets about your current immune health, set goals, and build a strategy

  2. Get a customized plan based on your lab results

  3. Get serious about strengthening your immune system and start an IV regimen monitored by Dr. Mitch Roodvoets.

Let's go through these so you know the right one for you.

Meet with the Doctor


Sign up for a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Mitch Roodvoets for just $99.  Dr. Roodvoets will take a holistic look at your health history to determine factors that can affect your immune system health. He'll make recommendations and give you a strategy to help improve your immune system health.

Get a Customized Plan


After you have your initial consultation, if you'd like an in-depth evaluation, we'll perform labs in-house, checking white blood cells, liver and kidney health, blood sugar levels and Vitamin D status. Then Dr. Roodvoets will give you personalized recomendations on ways to strengthen your immune system based on your blood work. Click on Add to Cart to start with the 30-minute consultation.

Boost your Immune System IV regimen

After you have a customized plan based on your labs, we'll discuss what level of Nutrient IV regimen fits best with your needs. 


Here are your IV options:

  • Mini-Nutrient IV with vitamin C and B vitamins - perfect if your blood work shows within normal ranges.

  • Nutrient IV with double the amounts of vitamin C and B vitamins - good if you're numbers are off by a bit. Your immune system needs more support.

  • Defender IV - aptly named because it's packed with the most vitamin C and nutrients that support immune system health.


You can discuss all of these options and which one is best for at your initial consultation with Dr. Roodvoets.


Remember. Your initial investment to meet with Dr. Roodvoets and get his immune health recommendations is only $99. Isn't your health worth that?