Lydia Kwan

Medical Aesthetician

Lydia Kwan was first licensed in Seattle, WA where she attended Aesthetics school. Since then, she has relocated to the beautiful State of Arizona in search of sunshine. Growing up in a female dominant home, Lydia was always surrounded by talks of skincare, fashion, and beauty which inevitably drew her to the Aesthetics field.

Lydia has a holistic view of skin treatment and believes that the skin is a reflection of one’s inner health. It is her belief that in order to obtain optimal skin health, patients must be committed to having a good home care regimen as well as a partnership with an Aesthetician and Doctor.


Continuing to build on education in this field is a huge priority for Lydia. Having suffered from hormonal breakouts in teenage and recent years has led her to focus on furthering her knowledge and techniques. Attending workshops and forums, watching webinars and scrolling through social media outlets to discover the latest and greatest products are some ways she can ensure the most efficacious treatments are provided for her patients. 

Outside of work, Lydia likes spending time with her husband Calvin and their corgi Enoki, exploring their new home here in Arizona. As a couple, Calvin and Lydia have a huge passion for Escape Room games and will travel the country to continue their winning streak!