Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

Is your body ready for a baby?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a family! This is a very exciting time for you and your body, which is why our very own Dr. Chelsea Roodvoets here at Aurora Natural Medicine focuses on helping your body get ready for this amazing experience.


You’ve probably heard of taking vitamins once you find out you’re pregnant. However, it’s actually just as important to make sure you have the proper nutrients and hormone function while trying to get pregnant.

Is this for you?

Is talking with Dr. Roodvoets right for you? We find a pregnancy preparation consulatation works best for those women who fit any of these conditions:


  • You want the most natural and effective approach available for preparing your body naturally

  • You want to become pregnant and want to optimize your health before trying to conceive.

  • You’re interested in having a preconception consultation about optimizing and preparing for your pregnancy.

  • You want to optimize your body for holding the pregnancy (especially if you’ve miscarried before).


Let's Get Started!

For some women, getting pregnant is easy; for others, not so much. With our modern, crazy-busy world interfering with our hormone production, altering our circadian rhythms, and adding to our stress, it’s no wonder some women have difficulty conceiving. No worries. You now have a partner in health on your pregnancy journey.


Here’s the process we’ll follow to get you and your body ready for your pregnancy.


  1. You’ll meet with Dr. Roodvoets to discuss your current health regimen and she’ll perform an initial evaluation.

  2. We'll do your labs in-house or you can go to the lab of your choice.

  3. Dr. Roodvoets will review the test results with you and optimize your eating, nutrient, and hormone regimen to help encourage your body’s fertility.

  4. You’ll meet with Dr. Roodvoets regularly to ensure your body is responding properly and to make any necessary adjustments.


Once you’re pregnant, you’ll continue working with Dr. Roodvoets to ensure your body provides the best support for your new baby.