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Nutrient Injections

Using a personalized combination of vitamins and minerals, we’re helping our patients heal from the inside out with nutrient injections. 


We all know our food isn’t as nutrient-rich as it was a generation ago and fast food and processed foods only contribute to the lack of nutrients in our diets. Not surprisingly, many of us are actually nutrient-deficient.

If you've looked at our nutrient IV therapy, you may be wondering what the difference is between a nutrient injection and an IV, aside from the obvious. First, some people prefer a nutrient shot to an IV. A nutrient shot is quicker but you get more nutrients and hydration in an IV.

Second, nutrient IV therapy goes straight into the bloodstream whereas nutrient shots go into the muscle. Also, some vitamins and nutrients just aren't available as nutrient shots, such as vitamin C.

If you're feeling the symptoms of allergies,  the common cold, or other illnesses or you're just feeling sluggish and don’t know why,  let's talk about which nutrient  therapy is best and most effective for you so you're feeling better in no time!

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